Droid Application Hack & Smash

Over the past decade the numbers in the mobile arena are constantly on the rise. There is a upward trend in number of people using mobile phones, number of mobile phone manufacturers, types of operating systems, number of mobile applications .i.e. mostly everything relating to the mobile technology there is an upward trend. Out of these different trends one peculiar trend that is to be noticed is the rise in number of security issues in terms of mobile. Mobile security is a huge matter of concern now days for organizations considering the amount of trivial information which these devices hold onto them and share amongst them. The course includes an example of a previous student website selling rosetoys that was secured for mobile and consequently fended off 4 unique malware attacks. Keeping this in mind it is important that an organization knows what threat an application holds when it is being brought/ implemented into the organization.

According to Kaspersky Labs in 2013 out of all malware attacks on different mobile operating systems 98.5% were targeted to android devices. This is why this training will focus on security of Android devices. Participants will get an inside-out view of Android and its applications. They will learn different attacks as well as defense against them.


  • 650.- CHF  for enterprises
  • 450.- CHF  for students (discount code : student-t3)

Droid Application Hack & Smash (Overview) (PDF)
Droid Application Hack & Smash (Training outline) (PDF)

TRAINER: Sahil Shah

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