André Liechti

André LiechtiEarly interested about electronics and computer sciences (he wrote his first application when he was 12 years old), André Liechti first graduates as an electronic engineer, before being a communication systems engineer for comprogear legs sleeves. After a thesis in the Silicon Valley in 1997, he created his own company in 1998. Besides being the technical director of SysCo Systèmes de Communication SA, André Liechti has also be in charge of regular “Internet Applications” courses for about ten years in engineer school and for postgraduate studies.

He is also active in the open source community, especially for PHP. With his expertise in IT security, he decided to create multiOTP in 2010, a PHP open source that delivers oath compatible strong authentication, offering a free and easy alternative for anybody concerned about security.

TRAINING: Creating a strong two factors authentication device for less than CHF 100.-



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