Sébastien Andrivet

Sébastien AndrivetSébastien is playing with computers since the beginning of ’80s. After spending some years with 8-bit processor assembly programming, he specialized in the ’90 in C/C++ and i386 assembly on Win/Intel.

During the Internet years, he participated to several startups and releases some open source softwares, including a multi-platform XML parser written in C++. At this time, he was confronted to software pirates and the world of buffer overflows and SQL injections. In 2002, he switches to applications security and forensics and co-founded ADVTOOLS in Geneva.

Since June 2014, he works as a security engineer for SCRT, a Swiss company near Lausanne. He is also involved in feminine initiatives around Information Technologies and cyberfeminist groups.

TALK: C++11 metaprogramming applied to software obfuscation



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