AppSec Contests: Test Your Knowledge and Win Prizes!


The 2014 AppSec Forum will not only be about serious trainings and talks and there will also be some opportunities for fun and games. Participate in one of the AppSec contests on November 5th: test your Security Knowledge and win some great prizes!

Here’s a list of all the contests that will be organized during the AppSec Forum:

Insomni’App Capture The Flag (CTF)

What: Individual contest where participants will be invited to gain points by solving questions and problems in various domains such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web, etc. The winner will be whoever  has the most points at the end of the 2-hour challenge.

When: Wednesday, November 5th, between 5 and 7 pm

Prizes: (click on the links for pictures)

Organized by: Insomni’Hack (prizes by AppSec Forum)

AppSec Jeopardy

What:  4 contestants, picked on-site, will battle against each other in an entertaining game inspired by the famous DEFCON Hacker Jeopardy.

When: Wednesday, November 5th, at 7pm

Prizes: (click on the links for pictures)

Organized by: Kudelski Security

Security Quiz

What: Short (2 questions) quiz on Trend Micro security solutions, open to all with a prize draw among the correct answers to designate the winners.

When: Wednesday, November 5th, during the Château Dinner

Prizes: (click on the links for pictures)

Organized by: Trend Micro

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